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Eugen Korda
Creative & art direction
Prague, Czechia

I bring together my experience from advertising, diverse freelance projects and work for non-profits to help people and brands that sincerely care about their impact on others.


Creative & art director
Available for freelance jobs


Creative director
Triad Advertising Prague


Art director
Triad Advertising Prague

Before 2016

Freelance graphic designer,
Data analyst at a Slovak watchdog NGO

Trying to look competent and cool while contemplating about dinner at a shooting for Pribináček.

In 2020 I left my agency job, co-authored an exhibition, designed a few brands from scratch, made my first merchandise and printed two series of illustrated posters.


After leaving mainstream advertising 2020 quickly became my most fruitful year yet, for which I'm insanely grateful.

Loading: Love - an exhibition about LGBT history, which I co-authored, premiered in September and received some wonderful reviews.

To support the exhibtion and a queer theatre festival I was asked to design a limited collection of clothing that sold out pretty fast.

As a side project I made a series of giclée printed posters about culture during the pandemic and then another one about sex and advertising.


I preach minimalism and attention to detail. Here's a taste of my photography. 

My superpower is music discovery. Listen to my playlists on Spotify.

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Eugen Korda
Creative & art direction

+420 608 805 115

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