Sex Sells.
A series of high quality vivid prints about imaginary values and advertising.


To convince us to buy something, a good marketer can create a whole universe of desirable dreams and values. It feels amazing to get lost in it for a while, yet it's scary to see people who never found their way back.

Sex Sells explores situations where products are sold through their ability to enhance one's attractiveness although their real function is completely different.


30x40 cm
600 CZK / 22 €


35x50 cm
750 CZK / 28 €


40x60 cm
900 CZK / 33 €


50x70 cm
1200 CZK / 45 €

The posters are printed at 44'' Print & Analog Bros using a method called giclée to deliver vibrant and long lasting colours on paper that feels amazing to the touch and looks stunning on a wall.

There is an option to frame the posters in the print studio.

Order before Nov 25.

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