Loading: Love — the queer history missing from our textbooks

Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia — Fueled by fake news and various extremist movements, a fairly large part of the population believes that homosexuality and LGBTI+ are nothing but trends from liberal countries that need to be extinguished in order for the society to retain traditional values and quality of life. Since this part of our past is not covered in school textbooks, misinformation like this is often people's first and only contact with the topic.

Loading: Love tries to fill this gap.

I co-authored this exhibition and its visual identity with Jana Jablonická Zezulová and Nomantinels - a queer theatre group.

Bratislava, Slovakia (Sep — Oct 2020)
Prague, Czech Republic (Mar — Apr 2021)
Budapest, Hungary (Apr 2021, Online)

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Loading: Love in Bratislava, Slovakia


Two illustrations based on historic imagery could be purchased to support the project.


Loading: Love in Prague, Czech Republic. Photography ⁠— @barborazentelova


After being on display in Bratislava, Prague and Budapest, the exhibition is now available online at ›